Polska Duma

The planet has wept for you these past days, Lech Kaczynski.
But today we rejoice, for it is CLUB DAY! Ladies, care to tell the tale?


Bicycle Built for Two

More inspiration pictures. One is a pencil sketch that I did when we were talking about a "bicycle built for two" theme, the other is a (disgustingly?) charming photo that pretty much nails that concept.

Thematic Inspirations

We've been talking about the idea of a more "frontier" Olympia as an aesthetic approach. I found some pictures...

First picture is of the old brewery, second is of the Eastside, circa the 1860s (the little white house amidst all that pasture is the Bigelow house).

Master's Project Development Paper - Check

I got it done! And now I can redecorate my apartment.